Interskale's deep expertise and unmatched experience helps deliver the full potential of digital marketing Interskale has a consumer Internet pedigree, enabling it get the most out of digital marketing

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by our

Multi-functional capabilities, best-in-class digital marketing practices & performance marketing process

and our
unmatched experience

Internet industry & consumer marketing experience
and 100+ clients over 11+ years


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The marketing that should be done but isn’t. And how digital marketing can help.

How digital marketing helps in marketing planning.

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What sales and marketing people should know about online lead generation

A primer on online lead generation, based on our long experience.

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Two big challenges digital marketers face

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly complicated. This article first appeared in Brand Equity.

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The changing face of B2B marketing

Some views on how digital marketing is impacting B2B marketing.

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5 misconceptions digital marketing clients have

Here are some mistaken beliefs our team encounters time and again about digital marketing.

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8 ways Internet companies make money

Indian Internet sector is buoyant. What are the typical revenue sources?

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