Social Media Marketing

Whatever be the brand or business requirement, we have a digital marketing solution. Here are some of the social media marketing services that we offer.

Social media management


We can set up and manage social media channels for you. These typically include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, Quora, Pinterest and others. We set up and make posts and updates of a high standard, the content is relevant and the visuals are of high quality. We follow best practices in social media management including use of social media calendars and sharing and analytics tools.

Online reputation management


We can also manage your Online Reputation. Established brands need to monitor in real time what is being said about them online, to then amplify online the positive comments and to take immediate damage control action for negative comments. Also, senior management needs to get a periodic report on the overall sentiments about the brand. We execute ORM using third party tools and via a diligent process.

Online communities


If you are operating in a niche area, you could consider starting your own online community. Large, well-known social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn will not be able to create a distinctive or large impact

E.g. Pharma companies can nurture an online communities of medical specialists Educational institutes should have alumni networks.

SAAS companies can consider creating a community of SME with some value-added information and networking possibilities

People from a particular ethnic community can get created a site which connects them across the world.

Our team has helped manage large online communities. We can advise you what your own online community should look like, help set it up and help scale it up in terms of number of users and usage.


We can build a company or product or a personal blog for you and advise you on how to manage it.


We can help set up company intranets. These are a special kind of websites

Social media advertising


Increasingly, setting up a Facebook page or Insta channel or other social media properties and doing organic posts is not enough. Unless your brand is already very popular and the content being posted is of great utility or interest, fast organic growth in channel fans as well as viral sharing of the content is unlikely.

To get a large number of people to see your post or even follow your channel, paid social media advertising is required. This is something which we at Interskale excel, as covered in our online advertising service.

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