About us

We are a marketing services company that helps brands and businesses get the mximum value from digital. A core competence is our performance marketing process: we strategize and deliver the best possible return on your digital marketing investment. Our other focus area is website services - consulting, design & development as well as SEO. We excel at growing and scaling brands and businesses - that have been undermarketed - using digital marketing.

Over the last decade, we have perfected processes, established capabilities and adopted industry best practices to build the digital marketing expertise that can give you the best value possible. We are more than a digital agency or an information technology company. Our competence cuts across multifunctional skills - strategy, marketing, creative and web technology - enabling multiplier positive effects across your campaigns and your digital assets.

This expertise, when combined with a decade's experience across 100+ assignments across industry sectors and geographies, is what helps us add substantial value.

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Why another digital marketing company

Every organization, large and small, well-established and start-up, can benefit from digital marketing. Digital marketing's march is relentless: it comprises over half the total ad spends in advanced markets over a quarter of the ad spends in India. What expectations do you have from digital marketing ? If digital marketing is the major or vital arm of marketing, as its above growth suggests, it should serve the same purpose as marketing overall.

And what is the purpose of marketing? It's primary purpose is business growth, often measured in terms of market share, market penetration, improvement in brand preferences, improvement in average price realization and the like. Getting business growth is by and far the no. 1 responsibility of Chief Marketing Officers.

Unfortunately, organizations often have a low expectation from digital marketing. This is sometimes due to ignorance of its capabilities and at other due to a less than satisfactory past experience.

Interskale is founded by veteran professionals from the Internet industry who have handled major digital marketing challenges, delivered substantial business growth and ensured that digital makes a big difference. We seek to partner with organizations where we will have a similar opportunity.

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