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Businesses in the 21st century

We live in a time when it's believed every human being has the right to a better life. And businesses are entrepreneurial, with each trying day in and day out to grow and expand.

The Internet - invented in 1995 - and the discipline of Marketing - created almost a century ago - are both tools that have enabled aspirations such as the above. Over the last decade, these two disciplines have fused together to form the field of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is currently perhaps the most important field in marketing. Here are ten reasons why we think digital marketing is now a must do marketing activity.

The year 2021

In a world that has just got upended by the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of digital marketing has willy nilly accelerated. Whether it's work from home, appointment setting, contactless delivery by retail, use of new types of apps, an increasing share of sales from e-commerce or just increasing time spent online, digital is now just about everywhere.

Thus today no business can afford to be without a game plan for leveraging digital to the maximum extent possible.

Peace of mind for marketers

But where will you turn to for the right digital expertise? The field is specialized, fast changing and potentially overwhelming. Your organization needs a trusted partner with the expertise and the experience to both advise and execute digital in the right manner. Else, you can get trapped into a cycle of low expectations and low performance.

At Interskale, a marketing and consulting company founded by one of India's most experienced Internet marketers, we offer an approach by which marketers and marketing teams can maximize the value which they can get from digital.

Our approach results in solid growth for the business.

At Interskale, we believe that digital marketing is not just about apt social media posts, pretty ads, cool videos, swanky websites or cutting edge web technology. Each of these are useful but by themselves miss the point of going digital.

Today - whatever be the marketing goal - brand-building, lead generation, building an online business or others - there is a way to do digital marketing that can make the maximum possible impact on the brand or business. At Interskale, our solid approach includes a robust performance marketing process, top-notch capabilities vis-à-vis websites and what we call the Interskale way in handling the client engagements.

What this website can tell you

This is where you can learn more about us. If you want to know what marketing problems we help solve, check out our digital marketing solutions. If you want to know about our secret sauce, check out our performance marketing page. If you want to know we typically engage with clients, see client engagement. These are our digital marketing services. If you want to know about our track record, take a look at our case studies. Take a look at the business principles we live by.And finally, go here if you want to know why choose us.

Come, reach out for the stars

We are in the business of helping meet the growth aspirations of today's brands and businesses. If you are looking for a digital marketing specialist and if on browsing this website, you feel we may suit, do contact us. Come, book a ticket to the future.

To know more about our thoughts on business, marketing and digital marketing, do visit The Interskale blog.

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