Data Inc

Building brand for a U.S. services company


Data Inc is a 35+ years old global staffing services company based in NJ, USA. They had a premiere clientele but lacked an appealing brand image when it came to getting new clients on board. Their branding was old-fashioned and their website outdated.

What we did
  • We developed a new brand identity for the company, that was more vibrant and modern and adaptable to both online and offline.
  • A modern WordPress template was selected and designed as per the new brand identity.
  • The website content was rewritten to showcase the company's strengths, capabilities, organization and achievements in a crystal-clear, confident tone.
  • Banners were created for the key pages to communicate important points.
  • The new website was SEO-friendly.

We helped rejuvenate a 35 year old global company's image. The company’s sales team now confidently uses the company website as the key method to introduce the company.